Welcome to MASC

Specializing in Aerial, Acrobatics, Flow and Fire Arts, we offer classes for kids and adults of all levels and physical abilities. Our friendly, community oriented space was built to inspire those who wish to celebrate the gift of movement.

MASC serves as a community hub as well. Designed for multi-functionality, it's the perfect space for convention, reception, seminar, conference, keynote speaker presentation, award ceremony, graduation party, club meeting, continuing education classroom, reunion, rehearsal, performance theatre, and other gatherings and events! We support local and grassroots organizations by providing a venue for trainings and public forums, and by donating services for fundraisers and causes.

Also a headquarters for The MASC Artisans; our space provides training, performance and theatre space, and booking services. We contribute to the rich, creative, and expressive tapestry of Missoula's Art Community.

Private parties, hosted events, and special group classes are a hit at MASC. You and your friends and coworkers will make awesome memories in your own private class and celebration!

We can't wait to meet you!


Say Whaaa??

MASC Monthly Memberships are only $65/month EFT with 3 month contract

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