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Our friendly, community oriented space was built to inspire those who wish to celebrate the gift of movement.

Who We Are

Staff Bios

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Artist Bios

Our Mission:

To provide accessibility for learning and experiencing the movement arts. We specialize in Aerial Arts; acrobatics on suspended apparatus, and Flow & Fire Arts; movement meditation with props, sometimes with flaming wicks. At MASC, sense of community is strong. We cultivate supportive relationships with students, and provide a safe learning environment. Our team is driven by the concepts of the Professionalism, and Community Inclusivity and Responsibility.

Our Space:

Accessibility is our priority! You don’t have to be in shape to come to MASC! We serve kids and adults of all levels and physical abilities. Specializing in the athletic arts of Aerial, Acrobatics, Dance, Flow and Fire, our friendly, community oriented space was built to inspire those who wish to celebrate the gift of movement.

MASC serves as a community hub as well. Designed for multi-functionality, its the perfect space for your convention, reception, seminar, conference, keynote speaker presentation, award ceremony, graduation party, club meeting, continuing education classroom, reunion, rehearsal, performance theatre, and other gatherings for your organization!

Birthday, bachelorette, and other private parties are a hit at MASC! You and your friends will make awesome memories in a customized movement class and celebration!

Our Valuable People and Services:


MASC Youth Programs focus on mindfulness, body awareness, movement and expression. We offer a non-competitive format of coaching that allows youth to discover and express their unique talents.


Our experienced and qualified coaches are trained to teach with a positive and child-centered understanding to ensure an experience that improves self-esteem. Each class includes structured games and conditioning designed to boost strength and agility. On the last day of the series or camp, bring your friends and family so the kids can dazzle you with their fresh skills and steez.

Performance Artists:

MASC is headquarters for training and theatre space for professional performance artists, the MASC Artisans. We provide booking services for vibrant artists with a distinct and polished flair to entertain, enrapture, and intrigue. Artists can be hired solo or in combination to coalesce the stirring effects of ephemeral art & experience. Performances reflect the vision of the event producer including striking choreography, vibrant costuming, and a collaborative approach. We specialize in aerial, acrobatics, dance, fire arts (eating, breathing, dancing, and manipulating hand held props), theatrics, and roving entertainment such as stilting, unicycle, and character impersonations.

We make performance art & entertainment easy and accessible. With our polished ensemble of equipment and crew, events are memorable, unique, and a cut above the rest. Private Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Concerts, Festivals, Collaborations, Schools Programs, Community, Theatre Productions, and more!

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Our Story:

In 2012, an aerial, flow and fire program was developed under the umbrella a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing healthy alternatives for youth. By 2014, the program grew to include kids and adults of all physical abilities. MASC became its own entity; offering classes for the public, and also launched Missoula’s first organized performers guild for aerial and flow arts. In its fifth year, the company is well known by its catchy acronym ‘MASC,’ and has expanded to a 5000 sq ft facility. Aerial and other programs are flourishing for kids and adults within the studio, and community collaborations with programs and organizations such as Flagship, Spark, Lifelong Learning Center, Freestone Climbing Gym, Turning the Wheel, MUST gym, Freedom Within, and the University of Montana. Our Resident Performance Artists are enjoyed by many audiences at diverse events and celebrations region wide!

Community Partners:
Lifelong Learning Center
MASC offers select classes in 8 week sessions. Learn more.
Enroll your child with a MASC program through his/her school!
University of Montana accredited courses
To enroll, clients must be a University of Montana Student, and register via the HHP Department
Current Courses: Aerial Yoga, Aerial Arts, Acro Yoga, Flow Arts
Freedom on the Inside
YWCA yoga programs


We asked a sample of clients their experience of our team, and these are a summary of their answers:

  • “Love of our community”
  • “The courage and vision to live out your dreams”
  • “The coaches are living their ‘why’, they have purpose”
  • “The connection between art and quality of life and the economy”
  • “Depth of knowledge”
  • “How everyone had a passion for improving Missoula”
  • “Authenticity, goal-oriented, risk-taking and creativity”

“Getting a MASC membership has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

– Dylan Caplis

“Aerial classes have been so therapeutic for me. Having a back injury has limited my ability to do other activities and being in the air gives me freedom of movement!”

– Sara Close

“The bachelorette party was awesome! Gracie was an awesome instructor and picked out a few sequences on the hammocks that were fun and appropriate for our inexperienced group. We had so much fun and a lot of the folks that attended are interested in joining in on some aerial yoga or fitness classes in the future!

– Amanda Ceasar

“The Grinch Show was incredible! I’ve seen many Independent Theatre Productions is SoCal, and, honestly, your show was one of the most unique and entertaining shows I have ever seen.”

– Jada Beck

We had a blast and Britta was such a great instructor. She really personalized the experience and put a lot of attention on the bride, which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend MASC to others looking for a unique private party event/space!”

– C.J.

“I experienced such welcoming warmth from the instructors and enjoyed the challenge of new forms of body movement. This feeling was my catalyst in getting a membership, so that I could surround myself with these wonderful people more often and bring positivity and growth into my life. I never realized how much this decision would affect me in developing new friendships, skills, and inner fulfillment. It even opened up a part of me that I had hidden away for a long time and have now finally allowed to flourish.” 

– Jennie Hoogestraat

“I love MASC and everything it stands for. I think it is a great way for students to experiment and grow! When we came for summer camp, I also participated in the silk hammocks. On the first day I couldn’t even get in the hammock to do any of the moves, but the second time we came back I I got in the hammock and was able to do most of the moves– it was a very empowering experience.”

– Flagship Coordinator 2017

“At ’70 something’ years old I might be the studio’s eldest student! I simply adore the instructors and all they have to offer here!”

– A.J.

“I want to thank you for building such a beautiful and cool community. My life in Missoula has changed for better because of MASC. <3”

– Sunny

“There’s something for everyone here. MASC is fun and inspiring, staff and teachers are always nice. I like how they encourage a community of circus arts.”

– I.A.

The Property & The Owners

For over a decade, Sj was a yoga, Pilates, flow arts, and aerial instructor and could be seen occasionally performing as well. She recently renewed some of these teaching and performing interests; join her for an Aerial Yoga class, or have fun watching Long Tall Sally saunter along at 9′ tall! Though she maintains her subtle panache happily oiling the cogs and turning the wheels behind the scenes, Sj loves actively connecting and collaborating with the vibrant movement and performing arts community.

The Shakespeare Building:

In 2014, Sally Jo Beck (‘Sj’) was seeking a facility to house rapidly growing company, Moksha Aerial Studio, Inc., known as ‘MASC.’ Getting creative, she reached out to Walter Hailes, owner of Freestone Climbing Gym, in an effort to communicate the idea to share space, since both businesses have common needs of space and height, and a similar clientele. After much research, they felt the property at 1200 Shakespeare St. best fit their needs. They worked hard to ensure financing and design renovations of the entire building. Sj’s late father, Harold Beck, was a respected business owner and has improved many properties in Western Montana. Before his passing, he shared with Sally Jo, that he believed in her ability to take the risk, and develop 1200 Shakespeare into a state of the art, family friendly fitness facility and community hub. She and Walter became business partners, and have had their noses to the grindstone for over two years ensuring Missoula is presented with the innovative alternative sports complex; the Shakespeare Building. In addition to the newly renovated Moksha Aerial Studio, Inc., Freestone Climbing Gym will soon introduce a 50-foot-high, 10,000-square-foot rope-climbing wall, 35,000 square feet of bouldering surfaces for every skill level, and Five Valleys CrossFit is expanding to 8,000-square-feet. The building holds other high class amenities as well, we are pleased to be providing this center in the West side neighborhood. Within walking distance is the Food Coop, Burns St. Bistro, Draughtworks Brewery, and the Clay Studio.

What We Teach

Aerial / Pole
Ventures into a cascade of dynamic movement to help gain proficiency to defy gravity and soar!
Emphasis on alignment, breathing, strength, coordination on multi apparatus.
We offer a variety of workshop topics ranging from anatomy gear rigging to cirque arts. Including aerial, acro, dance, flow, and fire! We also offer yoga teacher training.
Cirque Arts
Learn to flow with the various arts of object manipulation! We now offer partner acrobatics and stunting, as well as fire training, stilting, low tightrope, and a plethora of other exciting arts that defy gravity.
Yoga / Pilates / Barre
In addition to mat Pilates, and barre classes, we offer a myriad of yoga styles, including aerial, vinyasa, flow, restorative, dance, and even animal yoga!

Event Hosting

Our space can include professional sound and lighting fixtures, projector and screen, kitchenette, shower and dressing rooms.
Renting the space can also include lessons and/or performances by our very own MASC Artisans upon request.

Private Parties
The space is well suited for all types of parties including Birthdays, bachelor(ette), and dance parties. Get creative!
Art Shows
We host art shows for every First Friday event. Please inquire if you would like to be a featured artist.
Rent our studio for your own production and watch the schedule for professional performances and productions by the MASC Artisans. Contact us to inquire!
Movie Nights
Watch the schedule for upcoming movie nights hosted by us! You can even host your own!