Designed by Studio Manager and Aerial Program Director, Nicole McCauley, she and in-house aerial instructors guide you through a comprehensive 12 hour Teacher Training. 


  1. 2+ years rigorous aerial training/experience and background in either teaching and/or performing aerial,
  2. A teaching certification in a movement modality; preferably yoga or Pilates.

Description: Delve into the mechanics of a progressive curriculum for multi-apparatus. Focus on safety, alignment, precise aerial body positioning, and conditioning exercises specifically designed to build aerial flexibility and strength. You’ll learn how to teach students the completion of fundamental skills, so that they understand and apply the transfer of skills across multi-apparatus, and into the basics of sequencing and choreography. Once you’ve successfully completed the MASC Teacher Training, you may be eligible to lead Aerial Arts Classes and Series at MASC Studio. 


  1. Learn to teach and apply conditioning techniques specific to aerial arts alignment, agility and skill development.

  2. Learn to teach students how to apply and transfer fundamental aerial skills on multi-apparatus.