Be sure to continue participating in drop in Aerial Fitness classes as a supplement to Aerial Series! We offer several Aerial Fitness classes per week, taught by different instructors to ensure you receive a well rounded exposure to multi-apparatus!

MASC Aerial Series curriculum can be taken as private lessons, but is also set up so that clients can join a small group class of progressive curriculum on multi-apparatus. Advance at your own pace. There are two sections: Vertical/Sling AND Trap/Lyra. 

Intro Series:

MASC Aerial Intro Series and Specialty are 8 week programs in the Fall and in the Spring. Option to perform in student showcases. We encourage students to take supplemental classes at MASC! 5 Aerial Fitness classes are the pre-requisite for enrolling in a student’s first Aerial Series (aka “Intro to Vertical” or “Intro to Trap/Lyra”). For your convenience, we offer several Aerial Fitness classes per week. If you feel ready to join a series before finishing 5 Aerial Fitness classes, you may request a skill assessment to prove proficiency. Most students complete the 5 Aerial Fitness classes, then proceed to be enrolled in either Intro to Vertical/Sling OR Intro to Trap/Lyra. 

Specialty Series:

8 week programs in the Spring. Option to perform in student showcases. Once you’ve taken an our Intro Series (or have other aerial experience, see prerequisites), you are eligible for MASCs Specialty Series. Check our schedule for series that focus on theory, choreography, transitions, etc. Specialty Series have prerequisites, set by Instructor.


Other words for “Vert/Sling” are Silks/Fabric, Rope/Corde Lisse, Sling

Other words for “Trap/Lyra” are Static Trapeze, Dance Trapeze, Lyra/Aerial Hoop

Basic Info:

The Aerial Series package is a 10 pass; includes eight 90 minute progressive curriculum classes (once per week for 8 weeks), and two passes for Open Gyms as a training supplement. Cross check your schedule and calendar; some months have five weeks, in this case, the Instructor will inform you which week the series begins.

Curriculum; what is VAST?

Aerial curriculum is progressive; it builds on fundamentals to more advanced skills, eventually sequencing choreography. Student skills are tracked in the studio’s system, VAST. This helps instructors organize material and place students in appropriate level series. At the end of each series, the instructor implements a skill review that assesses each student’s proficiency, and profiles are updated in VAST.

Why a 10 pass per each Series?

8 of the 10 classes on your pass are specifically designed progressive curriculum. It is of significant importance to train often in order to maintain strength and agility in aerial arts. We greatly encourage students to use their additional two passes per series for cross training during Open Gym times.

  • For members, we offer 20% off every Aerial Series package
  • For non-members, additional passes cannot be applied to the next series.

Not available or eligible for a series?

Curriculum is designed to allow students to advance at their own pace in a safe manner. If you find that you are unavailable, or not yet eligible for the next series, we provide the same material in private/semi-private lessons and independent study (Open Gyms).

How do makeup classes work?

If you miss a class in the series, you have options. The instructor will schedule one makeup class each series. Even if you didn’t miss a class, you may attend this additional class as review and extra training. If you are unavailable for the scheduled makeup class, you can schedule a private lesson for $20. This specific private lesson will catch you up on the progression of the curriculum.