Open to All Levels, All Apparatus, Prerequisites: ability to straddle up off the ground (any form is ok)

We’ve all had that moment, where we learn some new ‘tip’ and the lightbulb goes on and it all makes sense AND WORKS!

Fundamental Aerial Technique is as critical for safety as it is for effortless fluidity in the air. In this workshop, students will learn a new way to move for optimizing mechanical advantage as well as creating long, beautifully straightened lines in all applications. We will work on the floor and in the air to build solid and extensive tool kit for the aerial body.

Through various drills and exercises, students can expect to work on: leg and ankle straightening, proper shoulder engagement, hollow body, chest hinging, optimal movement in the air for straddle ups, beats, tucks, knee hang, hipkeys, windmills and a variety of essential skills as time allows. This is an excellent time for students to bring long standing movement issues and frustrations to be addressed and diagnosed.

Led by Jenn Bruyer
Wednesday August 29, 6-8pm