Sunday August 6: 10am-12pm

Vertical Partnering

Level: Intermediate + on rope or fabric, basic partnering experience on any apparatus is encouraged but not required

The vertical apparatus allows for an unusual and compelling way to interact with a partner using height, tension and vertical space. The relationships and transitions between them can be as beautiful as they are dynamic and surprising.

This workshop will introduce the various ways to partner on the vertical apparatus. Working with some of our favorite examples of partnering; we will explore the various categories of partner work, including: role reversal, hand to hand (with and without tail), tension pole, flier & tail, mirroring and more.

Sunday August 6: 2pm-4pm

Exploring Footlocks

Level: Intermediate, Prerequisites: figure 8 footlock, aerial dance footlock (egg beater)

Footlocks can deliver more than the classic split! Spiraling movements, dives and drops, roll ups, intricate sculptural shapes and surprising transitions are all possible from footlocks. And not all footlocks are created equal! In this workshop we will learn more about when to use what type and why.

Students can expect to learn: technique and application for figure 8 footlock/aerial dance footlock/russian footlock, climbs using footlocks, shapes and creative movement skills using footlocks appropriate to their technical skill and strength level.

Monday Aug 7: 5-7pm

Dynamic Sling

Level: Intermediate on sling, Prerequisites: basic forward dive to crucifix, ability to invert from standing in sling

Sling is my absolute favorite! In part due to the dynamic freedom you can explore in so many unique ways. It allows for drops and dynamic concepts that are not possible on any other apparatus. Beyond creating and perfecting skills for use on sling, this work can often be translated to other apparatus for conditioning, pathway development and ultimately choreography.

Examples may include: beats, flairs, releases, spins, both simple and complex dives and drops, alternative and asymmetric set ups and direction changing drops.

Instructors: Jenn Bruyer & Alex Alan

Jenn has been exploring aerial arts since 2008 via silks, sling, cord lisse, trapeze, lyra and rope & harness. She has coached, choreographed and performed across the US from New York to Alaska and was most recently based out of Seattle, WA where she was a staff coach at Versatile Arts [2010-2017].  As a certified personal trainer, Jenn is as passionate about optimal training and progression as she is about creative exploration. Her constantly evolving movement style has been described as mesmerizing, intricate and truly authentic.

Learn more about her at or follow her on instagram at /heelhang

Alex moved from Sydney Australia to San Francisco in 2009 to attend the Circus Center’s Professional Aerial program where he specialized in Corde Lisse and Swinging Trapeze. Since the completion of his training Alex has performed and taught workshops across the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and England.

With his comprehensive background of dance, circus and theatre creation, Alex has created a unique style of movement and presence on the rope. Whether coaching or onstage, Alex utilizes directionality and momentum-based movement to create choreography that is both fluid and dynamic.

See some of Alex’s work here.