Resident Artists Arts & Above present Simplify

Kate Jordan and Bruno Augusto of Arts & Above embark on a new artistic journey with the creation of the performative work “Simplify”.“Simplify” is a dance performance. Rather than starting with a concept, or with an end goal in mind, the artistic duo strips away the obvious and often unnecessary filters, agendas, and censorships. “Simplify” brings to life the desire for authenticity Kate and Bruno seek as human beings, as art makers, and as performers. This time, their approach is rooted in a conscious decision; to not have expectations, or conclusions, and to not have too many parameters when creating/performing the work. It is up to the viewers to experience it however they so wish, and hopefully simplify their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, too. “Simplify” will be presented at MASC Studio, one of Missoula’s newest performance spaces.

Saturday, May 12th – 7:30pm

Sunday, May 13th – 2:00pm

$15 at the door

$5 discount when arriving

 via sustainable transportation

*Free for youth age 12 and under

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Ecstatic Dance

Dates and Times TBA     Ecstatic Dance

There is a place….every month….where people converge to dance themselves into a higher state of consciousness. Where DJ’s and dance come together in a container of ecstasy. This is an event like no other in our community. A place where you can explore the art of movement, stretch, play and be your unique expression. Ecstatic Dance is a movement that is now spanning the globe with the tradition of DJs, dance and building community. So if you love juicy, bassy, beats, and you are at all intrigued by movement, dance and exploration, then join us for yet another night of magic making at Ecstatic Dance Missoula!

$5 – $10