Beginning West African Dance Series

Register for the 6 week series via: 916-532-8678 or

This high energy dance class is a great way to get your body moving. Designed for students new to West African dance, but can accommodate all levels of experience. Live drumming from master musician Oumar Keita of Guinea, and friends, you can’t help but smile!  A unique opportunity to learn about the rich culture of Guinea, West Africa, through dance, drumming, singing & stories.

Instructors: Heidi Waegele Keita and Oumar Keita.

2/11-3/18, Sundays 10:30-12pm

$15 drop in / $80 6 week series

Saturday & Sunday April 14th & 15th    11am-1pm & 2-4pm: Inner Journeys

Journey through the Elements, Led by Ally Rosin

Register for this FREE workshop here!

What is Inner Journeys?

Inner Journeys presents keys into the portal of Self through the doorways of movement, contemplation, sound, breath and stillness … guiding you to access the Freedom within You. These dance adventures offer knowledge, awareness and embodiment of Self into all aspects of Life through workshops, series, and retreats. Inner Journeysoffers Time and Space to remember the Source of Who We Are.

About A Journey Through the Elements with inspired facilitator Ally:

To those who are called to the transformational power of movement, music and breath…or are curious about the connection between body and mind…we invite you to take a journey through the 4 elements of earth, water, fire, and air using the vehicles of dance and breath to transport you through an exploration of personal discovery, self-awareness, healing and remembrance of your true essence.

At this weekend intensive we will dance to awaken and activate a specific chakra center and embody the correlated element, beginning with an introduction to pranic breathwork, the power of intention, and energetic awareness.

No dance experience is necessary – just a willingness to let go and let your body speak its language.

Sign up for 1 element up to all 4.  All classes will be free as this is part of Ally’s practicum to graduate from her 170 hour facilitator training program.