Systema is a ten centuries-old Russian martial art and health practice emphasizing proper breathing, alignment, fluidity of movement and a baseline of healthy relaxation. It is an enjoyable practice that challenges the individual with continuous opportunities for personal growth, optimization of health and development of self-preservation skills. No previous experience in martial art is necessary. All one needs is an open mind and a willingness to learn.



Currently, Instructors Bruno and Kate are investigating mind and body pathways with the intent to maximize the full expression of the self. They begin from within the personal vessel, minimizing outside forces and energies; generating truth, clarity and strength. This initial portion of the movement practice/warmup starts slow, and picks up in speed in a natural way. The technical components, which are taken from Bruno’s knowledge in Ballet, Tai Chi, Afro Cuban Modern Dance, and Capoeira, and Kate’s knowledge in GYROTONIC® method, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Gaga, Modern Dance, and Ballet, are then introduced. The next phase of the class includes creation and performance components, which they lead through improvisation based tasks and phrase materials. Special focus to the weaving of individual voices when working in partnerships is emphasized. They challenge the participants to stay with their personal expression while also taking in the experience of being among other bodies. In this particular part of the practice, everyone is encouraged to perform for themselves, rather than for each other. This practice is designed for people of all abilities, and does not require previous dance experience. Original music accompanies the practice.