Capoeira Angola Style

Taught by Angolan born Bruno Augusto, this practice stems from the roots of Capoeira, which started as a game in a form of dance. After a rigorous warmup, elements of acrobatics and physical spectacle will be interwoven with traditional steps from Capoeira while building up the cardiovascular activity. This class is intended for the beginner enthusiast, as well as for the advanced practitioner wanting to work on specific details. Bruno will keep everyone connected regardless. *Ginga will keep everyone connected regardless.

*Ginga is a basic yet fundamental step in Capoeira, from where everything begins and everything ends.


Systema is a ten centuries-old Russian martial art and health practice emphasizing proper breathing, alignment, fluidity of movement and a baseline of healthy relaxation. It is an enjoyable practice that challenges the individual with continuous opportunities for personal growth, optimization of health and development of self-preservation skills. No previous experience in martial art is necessary. All one needs is an open mind and a willingness to learn.