First Friday with Brain Injury Alliance

June 1, 5-8pm at MASC plus the Beastro Food Truck!

MASC Aerialist Student Showcase and Art Show by Unmasking Brain Injury in Montana roadshow:

Brain injuries are often called “invisible injuries.” You look the same, and everything on the surface seems normal, but there is something different that can’t always be pinned-down. Because of this, survivors often face discrimination in the workplace, with law enforcement, and in their everyday lives because people do not understand brain injuries. Survivors look normal, so people expect them to act normal.
It is also often said that brain injury doesn’t have a face until it happens to you or someone you love. With the Unmasking Brain Injury in Montana roadshow, we aim to put a face on brain injury. The roadshow will spread awareness about brain injury and convey that it can happen to anyone. This awareness project also demonstrates that no two brain injuries are the same, and each person experiences living with brain injury in their own way. We also want to show others that people living with a disability due to their brain injury are like anyone else, and are deserving of dignity, respect, compassion. There’s a story behind every mask and behind every mask there’s a person – a  person that’s been touched by brain injury.

A Night with The Circus

Family Friendly Performance Events!
Kids under 12 are FREE, Adults $5

DATE: 3/24/18
6:30pm Doors
7pm Showtime

 A night with the circus is a MASC produced regular circus showcase. For the affordable price of $5 our talented artists display original acts in aerial, fire, acrobatics, dance, theater and more. Each show hosts a different array of MASC Artisans so acts vary greatly each event. This cabaret show allows for our artists to experiment with new acts and journey further into the rabbit hole of live performance. Occasionally we feature a bonus student showcase and/or special guest! Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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