Flow is a term to describe a moving meditation of manipulating props such as staffs, hoops, poi, juggling, and other tools. Revel in creativity as you learn about and practice prop techniques that improve dexterity and proprioception. Share the joy of movement and self-expression, and tap into your unlimited potential. The state of flow creates new pathways in the brains, and offers an alternative perspective on movement, inside the body as well as outside the body as you move through space. It is also an exciting way to gain fitness by increasing heart rate, agility, and flexibility. Stay tuned for opportunities for student showcases and other performances. Enjoy our lounges, guest wifi, walls of mirrors, high ceilings, and featured deejays!

Jedi Skills 101:

Learn to harness you’re own force today! You too, have the power within. Have you ever wanted to control the world around you with your mind? Have you ever thought about how your daily life could be transformed if you were simply, a Jedi? Well think no more, come and learn ways of the young padawon Alex Payne. Center your focus and take the reins of the world around you.