“Getting a MASC membership has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

– Dylan Caplis

“Aerial classes have been so therapeutic for me. Having a back injury has limited my ability to do other activities and being in the air gives me freedom of movement!”

– Sara Close

“The bachelorette party was awesome! Gracie was an awesome instructor and picked out a few sequences on the hammocks that were fun and appropriate for our inexperienced group. We had so much fun and a lot of the folks that attended are interested in joining in on some aerial yoga or fitness classes in the future!

– Amanda Ceasar

“The Grinch Show was incredible! I’ve seen many Independent Theatre Productions is SoCal, and, honestly, your show was one of the most unique and entertaining shows I have ever seen.”

– Jada Beck

We had a blast and Britta was such a great instructor. She really personalized the experience and put a lot of attention on the bride, which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend MASC to others looking for a unique private party event/space!”

– C.J.

“I experienced such welcoming warmth from the instructors and enjoyed the challenge of new forms of body movement. This feeling was my catalyst in getting a membership, so that I could surround myself with these wonderful people more often and bring positivity and growth into my life. I never realized how much this decision would affect me in developing new friendships, skills, and inner fulfillment. It even opened up a part of me that I had hidden away for a long time and have now finally allowed to flourish.” 

– Jennie Hoogestraat

“I love MASC and everything it stands for. I think it is a great way for students to experiment and grow! When we came for summer camp, I also participated in the silk hammocks. On the first day I couldn’t even get in the hammock to do any of the moves, but the second time we came back I I got in the hammock and was able to do most of the moves– it was a very empowering experience.”

– Flagship Coordinator 2017

“At ’70 something’ years old I might be the studio’s eldest student! I simply adore the instructors and all they have to offer here!”

– A.J.

“I want to thank you for building such a beautiful and cool community. My life in Missoula has changed for better because of MASC. <3”

– Sunny

“There’s something for everyone here. MASC is fun and inspiring, staff and teachers are always nice. I like how they encourage a community of circus arts.”

– I.A.