The Owner’s biography:

Sally Jo Beck, or “Sj” expresses her sheer joy and dedication in owning and operating MASC. and Level Up, LLC. These two businesses combined reflect her personal mission to support and escalate professional collaborations, and to improve properties in her home town of Missoula, MT.

Sj emanates a genuine ambition to serve others and support her staff, workplace, and community. With a distinct capacity to communicate dynamically and effectively with diverse populations, and nurture valuable relationships, Sj is grateful for the opportunity to help others recognize their strengths and capitalize on their unique talents. She has an extensive background in cultivating health and wellness for diverse populations, a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education, life coaching, providing teen job readiness programs, co-founding a nonprofit organization for young women, board of director and committee service, numerous fitness and wellness teaching certifications and experience, and the development of an accessible movement arts studio.

For over a decade, Sj was a yoga, Pilates, flow arts, and aerial instructor and could be seen occasionally performing as well. She recently renewed some of these teaching and performing interests; join her for an Aerial Yoga class, or have fun watching Long Tall Sally saunter along at 9′ tall! Though she maintains her subtle panache happily oiling the cogs and turning the wheels behind the scenes, Sj loves actively connecting and collaborating with the vibrant movement and performing arts community.

The Story of MASC:

In 2012, Moksha Aerial Studio was developed as a program within a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing healthy alternatives for youth. By 2014, Sally Jo Beck and Bethany Stanbery saw Moksha’s potential for growth, and it became its own entity; offering classes for all ages and birthing Missoula’s first performers guild for aerial and flow arts. In its fifth year, the company is well known by its catchy acronym ‘MASC,’ and has expanded to a 5000 sq ft facility. Aerial and other programs are flourishing for youth and adults within the studio, and community collaborations with programs such as Missoula Community Theatre, the Downtown Dance Collective, Caras Park Pavilion, Flagship, Spark, Turning the Wheel, MUST gym, Freedom Within, and the University of Montana. The Performers Guild, the MASC Artisans, foster relationships with businesses, organizations, causes, and thrive on collaborative efforts. MASC Artisans are driven by the concepts of the professionalism, community, and excellence, and are enjoyed by many audiences at diverse events and celebrations region wide!

The Shakespeare Building:

In 2014, Sally Jo Beck (‘Sj’) was seeking a facility to house rapidly growing company, Moksha Aerial Studio, Inc., known as ‘MASC.’ Getting creative, she reached out to Walter Hailes, owner of Freestone Climbing Gym, in an effort to communicate the idea to share space, since both businesses have common needs of space and height, and a similar clientele. After much research, they felt the property at 1200 Shakespeare St. best fit their needs. They worked hard to ensure financing and design renovations of the entire building. Sj’s late father, Harold Beck, was a respected business owner and has improved many properties in Western Montana. Before his passing, he shared with Sally Jo, that he believed in her ability to take the risk, and develop 1200 Shakespeare into a state of the art, family friendly fitness facility and community hub. She and Walter became business partners, and have had their noses to the grindstone for over two years ensuring Missoula is presented with the innovative alternative sports complex; the Shakespeare Building. In addition to the newly renovated Moksha Aerial Studio, Inc., Freestone Climbing Gym will soon introduce a 50-foot-high, 10,000-square-foot rope-climbing wall, 35,000 square feet of bouldering surfaces for every skill level, and Five Valleys CrossFit is expanding to 8,000-square-feet. The building holds other high class amenities as well, we are pleased to be providing this center in the West side neighborhood. Within walking distance is the Food Coop, Burns St. Bistro, Draughtworks Brewery, and the Clay Studio.