Single Point Trapeze


Sunday May 6th


This workshop is for those who have been introduced to Trapeze basics and are ready to

challenge themselves to the next level. Students will review various mounts, hangs, and

poses. We will drill beats, technique, and safety on the apparatus. The last portion of class

will be flow focused, smoothing transitions, and unfamiliar vocabulary. We will also cover

some basic conditioning exercises that will help develop the unique strength and flexibility

required for aerial acrobatics.

Pre-requisites: Able to mount trapeze by yourself, been introduced to beats and basic

Trapeze vocab (straddle back, lion in the tree, dragonfly, mermaid, angel ect).


Dance & Static Trapeze


Sunday May 20th & Saturday May 26th (take one or both Part 1 & Part 2)


In this workshop you will learn new vocabulary, finding the contrast between Static and

Dance trapeze, as well as exploring a variety of creative techniques to expand your trapeze

abilities. This workshop is going to be split into two sections.

You are welcome to attend either workshop without the other, I will accommodate you so

you may participate in all exercises.

Part 1

Sunday May 20th 12pm-2pm

We will explore new vocabulary, transitions, and flow below, on and above the trapeze; as

well as training our beats, hangs, balances, and basic conditioning exercises to give you

more freedom in the air. If students have the desire and we can also focus on penny drop,

catchers jump, and pinwheel.

Part 2

Saturday May 26th 12pm-2pm

Within the second workshop we will be reviewing our new vocab and tricks as well as

playing with coning, spinning, musicality, and improvisation exercises that will be

incorporated within our vocabulary.

Pre-requisites : Able to straddle up in the air, one short arm pull up, one up and over, single

knee hang, one skin the cat, amazon.