College Accredited Class:

Required: Enrollment is through University of Montana Course Catalog

Course overview:

This course ventures into a cascade of dynamic movement to help you gain proficiency to defy gravity and soar! This is a small group class of progressive curriculum on sling/hammock, lyra, static trapeze, rope, and silks. With a focus on safety, alignment and aerial body positioning, students practice conditioning exercises specifically designed to build aerial flexibility and strength. Students learn and apply the completion of fundamental skills, in order to understand and apply the transfer of skills across multi-apparatus. Students will then develop these skills into sequencing and choreography. If a student passes this course, they are eligible to enroll in advanced, and/or apparatus specific, and/or aerial choreography classes and series offered at MASC Studio.

Course objectives:

  1. Learn and apply conditioning techniques specific to aerial arts alignment, agility and skill development.
  2. Learn, apply, and transfer fundamental aerial skills on multi-apparatus.