Contact us for private, semi-private, or small group lessons in Flow, Dance, Aerial, Pole, Yoga, or Acrobatics!


  1. I’m trying to find out what your pole Dance classes cost and when they are? Never been to one so I would be a begginer.

  2. Hello! I am interested in an aerial silk dance lesson. I have never done it before but would love to try it out. What would the cost be for this?

    1. Hi! I am sorry I did not see your message! In the future please use or 406-282-4005 for questions! Aerial Fitness is the perfect place to begin learning aerial, then you’ll progress to being eligible for our Intro Series and drop in Aerial Choreography. If you’d like to take a private lesson, it is generally around $60, please contact us to schedule! Here is a link to the class descriptions, so you can see how our programs are designed. We hope to meet you soon! Sj

    2. Hi! Come to aerial fitness classes! Mondays 4:15pm, Tuesdays 7pm, Thursdays 5:30pm. That is the perfect place to begin! If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please contact us via email or phone or 406-282-4005
      (we dont see these comments on our website unless we search for them, I am sorry I just now got your message, please use email or phone to get a hold of us, we hope to meet you soon!)

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