Youth Programs

MASC is an acronym for Moksha Aerial Studio Collective; a training agency for the movement arts of Aerial, Acro, Dance, Flow and Fire (think “Cirque du Soleil”). We offer classes and programming for youth and adults of all levels and physical abilities. Our friendly, community oriented space was built to inspire those who wish to celebrate the gift of movement.

MASC Youth Programs are for kids ages 7-10 and teens/tweens ages 11-18. The focus in on mindfulness, body awareness, movement and expression. We offer an alternative format of instruction that allows youth to discover and express their unique talents and passions.

Our experienced and qualified instructors are trained to teach with a positive and child-centered understanding to ensure every child has an experience that improves their self-esteem. Each class includes age appropriate games and conditioning designed to increase strength, dexterity, and agility. So the kids can dazzle you with their fresh steez and skillz, on the last day of the series, parents and guardians are invited to a free performance!

DROP IN Youth Classes

Kid Circus, ages 7-11: 

Rotating Instructors teach the fundamentals of partner acrobatics, dance, flow and equilibristics. Kids spirits soar as they are introduced to elements of sequencing and choreography using their bodies, partners, props, and other forms in a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

Teen Aerial, ages 11-18:

Students learn the fundamentals of aerial arts as they decide which apparatus they will focus on in the future as they explore their natural creativity. Emphasis on alignment, breathe, conditioning, coordination and balance on multi apparatus. Gain skills and technique in climbs, foot knots, and sequencing fundamentals. Intensity is increased over time as the body adapts to the exercises.

Teen Cirque:

We offer an alternative format of instruction that allows your teen and tweens to discover and express their unique talents and passions. With rotating instructors, each week features a different skill/modality: 

*hand balancing

*partner/group acrobatics

*slack lining


*juggling and other flow arts (nunchuks, staffs, hoops, poi)

*freestyle and hip hop 

Instructors for this class include: Alex Payne, Gracie Niswanger, Griffen Gilbert, Samuel Samson, and guest instructors


Kid Aerial (8 week continuing series), Level 1 & Level 2, ages 7-10

Instructors weaves dance, improvisation, and sequencing into flight skills on sling, silks, static trapeze, and lyra. Kids find their wings as the equipment transforms into a magical world! At the end of the series or camp, there is a short, informal, studio performance for friends and family.

Our Mission:

To provide access to learning and experiencing the movement arts. We specialize in aerial; acrobatics on suspended apparatus, and flow; movement meditation with props. Our programs provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that boost fitness and well-being. At MASC, sense of community is strong. We cultivate supportive relationships with students, and organizations, and thrive on collaborative efforts. Our team is driven by the concepts of the Professionalism, and Community Inclusivity and Responsibility.